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 deep unconscious change.

Do you recognise your need to make changes in your life?  Are you suffering with fear & indecision. Perhaps you want to loose weight or quit an addictive habit like smoking or gambling.  Do you have a phobia that is stopping you?  There are so many behavioural complaints that can be resolved with the use of clinical hypnosis.  The results speak for themselves.  At Bankstown Health our Clinical Hypnotherapist Dr Themos Gourlas, uses a combination of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to create lasting change in unconscious behaviour. That’s why this is different.  Understanding key language and behavioural patterns, the combination of the two techniques offers you a even more effective way to create the change that you want, INSTANTLY.

One amazing things about combining NLP and Clinical Hypnosis as a single therapy is you don’t have to know why you have the problem or behave the way you do.  Traditional approaches to therapy like Psychology involve analysis of the problem.  This is like reliving the same old story.  This method often creates more confusion and keeps you stuck in the problem.  Hypnosis and NLP often do not require the specifics of the problem.  Using Hypnosis we can very quickly create change in any area of your life without the need to tell or relive the story.  Imagine what that would be like for you.  Letting go and or forgetting about something that’s holding you back.  Even deciding unconsciously that it is time to change.  That’s the power of Hypnosis.  Instant, deep and satisfying change.

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Hypnotherapy can help with

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Generalised anxiety and social anxiety can change very quickly after hypnosis. Learn strategies to overcome your fear and claim your life back.

Depression and generalised poor motivation and mood can also quickly be resolved with Hypnotherapy. Take action NOW.

Get to the bottom of your weight loss and become your ideal weight without the internal struggle.

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to quick smoking / drugs and gambling. Do you know someone that needs help?

Even the most dominant phobia can be resolved using Hypnosis. Is a fear stopping you. It's time to move on. Quickly.

There are so many behavioural concerns that can be effectively managed with Hypnosis. Call us to discuss your specific problem.