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Dr Themos Gourlas

Osteopath, NLP practitioner – Bankstown Health.

The principle Osteopath Dr Themos Gourlas began his studies as an Osteopath in 1998 after some earlier studies in Mathematics and Finance at the University of Technology Sydney.

His interests include bio-mechanical pain and dysfunction and the integration of manual therapy within the current medical model. Further interests include, low back pain, sporting injuries and bio-mechanics of the foot leading to postural syndromes.

A strong science/evidence based emphasis ensures Dr Gourlas provides the most accurate and relevant information possible at the time of consultation.  His integrative approach ensures better patient outcomes and holistic management.


In 2013 Dr Themos Gourlas created the innovative web-based exercise platform PracTx. PracTx is a revolutionary way to prescribe exercises to patients using the web and HD-video content. To find out more go to www.practx.com

Dr Gourlas also is trained and qualified in the prescription of custom orthotics using the gait-scan system.  Gait scan is a revolutionary way to accurately measure the foot whilst moving and create exact innersoles for shoes if necessary.  For more information about gait-scan technology click HERE

Also in 2013 Dr Themos Gourlas completed his study in neuro-linguistic programming NLP and deep state re-patterning, furthering his interest in human behaviour, choice and positive psychology.  For more information about NLP click HERE

Dr Gourlas works from Kogarah at St George Osteopathy on Wednesdays and Fridays, Bankstown Tuesdays and Thursdays and is a registered member of the Osteopathy Australia.


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