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Exercise Made Simple – PracTx

Exercise Made Simple – PracTx

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Bankstown Health is proud to be behind the development of  world- wide leading online exercise rehabilitation software PracTX.

PracTx was developed by Dr Themos Gourlas in 2013 after he became frustrated with the available methods for giving patients exercises to do at home.  Traditionally patients were given paper handouts or stick figure drawings that they would try to copy at home.

What this meant was patients were not doing them, losing them or not understanding how to do them.  After doing some research Dr Themos Gourlas discovered that there was nothing available that could deliver rehabilitation exercises to patients using HD-video and email.

His passion for effective systems and information technology lead him to develop PracTx, which is now being used worldwide as a standard in patient exercise prescription.

Clinicians at Bankstown Health use PracTx to deliver quality care to their patients improving outcomes and exercises compliance.  This innovation makes Bankstown Health a natural choice when looking to improve your health and get back to your best.

To see a demonstration of PracTx click HERE



About the author


Dr Themos Gourlas. B.App.Sc (Osteo) M.Ost, Cert M.NLP, Cert C.Hypnosis Osteopath, Master NLP practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Founder and developer of the PracTx exercise platform. Director of Bankstown Health and St George Health. I specialise in pain management and the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. I utilise my skills in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Clinical Hypnosis to help people quickly and effectively transform their behavioural choices and their lives.

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