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At Bankstown Health we want you to get the best possible treatment solutions available.

That’s why we are giving away 20 free health assessments each valued at $110 only available for you to claim in the next three days.

What is the Free health assessment?

The health assessment is a physical examination.  We will assess your foot function, posture, muscle tone and strength joint movement and flexibility.  It is also involves taking a comprehensive medical history in an attempt to find out about you.  Questions about lifestyle, diet, illness family history etc will be asked.  Any necessary images / xrays should be brought with you.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine if you are eligible for care at Bankstown Health.  First we need to make sure that what we offer is right for you,  In the event we cannot help rest assured you will be given some advice on what to do next.

In the event that we can help a management plan will be discussed and you will be informed of what the next steps will be.

Who will conduct the health assessment?

Dr Themos Gourlas will perform the health assessment.  Dr Gourlas has extensive experience in musculoskeletal medicine and human behaviour. He has been working clinically for over 10 years and has completed a Masters degree in Osteopathy.

Is the Health assessment something I need?

Let’s be frank.  We want to help you.  However, help can be limited by your expectations.  This promotion should only be used by someone who is interested in getting to the bottom of their problem.  If you just want to be told what is wrong and do nothing about it, that is fine, however that will not help you. If you are serious about making the change to better health and wellness, then take up this offer before it’s too late or before someone else does.  What are you waiting for?

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