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Orthotics – Gait scan technology.

Discovering the Source of your pain – From the ground up.

At Bankstown Health we believe in finding the cause of your problem or pain. That is why we use the most effective way to measure your foot function – The Gait Scan system.

Gait Scan allows us to visualise your foot’s movement and structure whilst still and moving, to give us the most information about how your foot works.
Why do we care about your foot if you have no foot pain?

Well, the way your foot works affects your entire body.

Imagine a building with unlevel foundations. Imagine the cracks appearing on the floors above. As you know there is no long-term benefit in patching up the damage.  The cracks keep appearing. So the best way to look at the problem is from the ground up.

This is the same with the human body. Often mechanical pain is caused by load a or stress on a joint, tendon or muscle. The pressure that builds up isn’t just from the site, it comes from forces from the ground.  I.e each step we take drives energy through our body and stresses our joints. If we have structural imbalance then we are vulnerable to stress, pressure and ultimately pain

3d gait scanGait Scan Image


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