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Louise Rubic.

Naturopath, Homeopath, Massage Therapist. 

B.Health.Sc. (Complementary Medicine). ATMS Member.

Navigating the abundance of health information available on the Internet can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to understand your own health challenges. Seeking guidance from a highly trained health practitioner can help you cut through the hype and utilise strategies that are tailored to your needs.

This is the approach you will experience with Louise, our Naturopath, whom has been serving the Bankstown community for 20 years and also lectures at Torrens University. As a highly trained natural therapist with a degree in complementary medicine and undergoing further postgraduate study, Louise works with you to find the best approach for improving your health.

Based on the latest research, Louise incorporates therapies that may take the form of specific dietary regimes, a tailor made herbal tonic or a gentle homeopathic preparation to be taken as drops when required.

Nutrition is a large focus, using food as medicine to maximise the fuel that your cells need to heal and work at their best. Did you know that only 24 percent of Australian women and 15 percent of Australian men are eating the recommended two fruits and five vegetables a day?

Understanding how to fit a nutritious diet into your busy life is an area Louise can help you and your family with. Children’s health, women and men’s health, including digestive concerns, autoimmune conditions, the effects of chronic stress or any health issues that are preventing you from feeling your best are worth speaking to our Naturopath about.

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