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Remedial / sports / pregnancy & Relaxation Massage Therapy.

At Bankstown Health we offer a wide variety of massage styles to suit your individual needs. Our skilled therapists with over 45 years combined experience, utilise a variety of styles and techniques to ensure you are met with the highest quality of care and the therapy style suits you.

We offer Remedial and Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Swedish, Sports and Relaxation Massage.

If necessary, we also have a specialised massage table for pregnancy which allows you to comfortably lie face down, without placing any stress on you or you baby.  Our Pregnancy Massage services are very useful in controlling discomfort, pain and general tightness resulting from pregnancy.  It is a safe and effective way to relax and feel great.

Massage therapy utilises hands-on techniques to change muscle physiology, form and function.  Massage techniques also work on connective tissues, ligaments, fascia and inevitably the entire body.

It is important to regularly seek massage to prevent injury and muscle tightness.  Frequent massage also reduces pain and can improve mood and vitality.

Discover more about our experienced Massage Therapists here –> Samantha MacGregorConnie Vasiliadis 


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