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Mr Timothy Stork – Osteopath

Tim trained at the British school of Osteopathy and graduated in 1986.  Initially he worked as an Osteopath in central London before moving to Australia in 1989.  Shortly after his arrival he joined Bankstown Natural Therapies Centre.  At that time he also joined the orthomolecular Medical Centre in Rushcutters Bay which was run by the late Dr William Vayda.  He worked there for approximately six years.

Mr Timothy Stork

Mr Timothy Stork

During the 24th years that Tim practiced Osteopathy in Bankstown, he has developed a unique approach to his work.  Since his initial training Tim has attended training seminars in Gerda Boyesen Therapy, Bioenergetics and Somatic Psychotherapy.  He has also attended two 10 day workshops with Dr Richard Moss author of “Inside-out healing”.  In September he will be attending a 10 day meditation retreat conducted by Ian Gawler.

Tim is interested in a holistic approach in his practice of Osteopathy.  He believes that many of our aches and pains can be directly attributed to our stress and ‘Dis-Ease’. To this effect Tim utilises treatments which promote relaxation and encourage body awareness. In addition he provides practical advice on lifestyle changes which can promote improved health and wellbeing.

Tim does not do Insurance, Work Cover or Veterans work.



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