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Osteopathy | Bankstown HealthOsteopathy is a gentle, safe and established way of treating musculoskeletal complaints. Osteopaths are highly trained to look critically at the relationship between how your body’s structural components are functioning and detect any areas where this might not be working optimally.

If you consult with an  Osteopath they will use this skill to diagnose your issue accurately. With this information an osteopath will then look at minimising your pain and restoring function with the use of hands on manual techniques, in combination with straightforward advice about how to manage your complaint.  They may also implement the use of exercises and rehabilitation methods.

At Bankstown Health we have a variety of Osteopaths with over 30 years experience between them.  Our expert Osteopaths are capable of dealing with a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints and offer practical solutions to help you feel better sooner.

If you haven’t tried Osteopathy before, call us to find out how we can make a difference. Most patients quickly recognise the difference between Osteopathy and other forms of Manual Therapy and this difference is what has made Bankstown Health the premier complementary health service in the Bankstown area.

Find out the difference NOW and rediscover your best.

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