Special Offer | Bankstown Health

This is just for you.

Ever wanted to get something done about your pain, but haven’t found the right way to go about it.

Well I’m here to offer you something that you can’t refuse.  Why?  Because it’s free.
For the month of August all initial appointments with Dr Themos Gourlas are pay no gap.

That means you can get a Free examination / massage and Osteo treatment and pay nothing.
I’ve been working as a Osteopath for over 10 years and I have seen thousands of patients. Every day I successfully treat people just like you who have been suffering with pain, stiffness and sports injuries waiting for them to go away. But they don’t.

I have helped thousands of people just like you and I would love the opportunity to help more.  I’ve decided to give my first consultation free because I know I can help you and I wouldn’t want you to miss out or not try for yourself.


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