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Thomas Otto – exercise Physiologist

Exercise and fitness has been a crucial part of my life since a very early age, participating in a large variety of sports whilst at the same time maintaining a healthy diet. With a personal desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle I really enjoy assisting others reaching their goals. Over the past two years I have had experience implementing, monitoring and evaluating exercise programs for a range of differing clientele.Thomas Otto - exercise physiologist

Every new client is an entirely different case, so assessments, exercise prescription and feedback will be different for each client. With each initial assessment, I like to research the newest and best-regarded journal articles and texts to understand and gather information regarding the type of condition the client has. From then I will assess and develop a program, also keeping mind what has worked in the past for my clients.

My passion for change means I have learnt to give effective advice and feedback whilst setting achievable goals that are always attainable and worthwhile

My history working in a commercial gym setting has allowed me to liaise with personal trainers and gym owners. This has been very helpful, as it has allowed me to improve my instruction skills with different types of exercise techniques.

Working in the private gym setting was also very helpful as this gave me the opportunity to work with doctors, practice nurses/managers and physiotherapists to help develop the best possible program for our clients.

I have trained a lot of clients with chronic diseases. Most of these diseases can be improved with the right lifestyle interventions. I feel blessed that I have helped many clients improve their health status. There are many strategies whether small or large that can be implemented into ones lifestyle, so that over time positive effects will occur, for example: Improving or maintaining lower limb strength so that client can walk around their home coordinated and comfortably.

I have experience in working with the elderly. Common conditions managed included musculoskeletal disorders and injury, cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular disease and diabetes . I have also worked on improving bone density, functional movement patterns and healthy eating habits.

Since an early age I have been equally fascinated with nutrition as with exercise, this mind frame influenced me to study Exercise Science and Nutrition as my undergraduate course at university. Giving advice on nutrition is something that comes natural to me and I think nutrition has just as much of an important role as having an active lifestyle, especially in today’s society. As I said before I have enrolled to complete a Professional Certificate of Food and Nutrition Coaching, this course will allow me to prescribe tailored diets for my clients.

Diabetes, especially type two is an area I feel passionate about… Diabetes can be managed and even treated with the right lifestyle interventions. With the right nutrition, exercise and mentality people with type two diabetes will be able to manage their blood sugar levels better, reduce their body fat and gain more energy.

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