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Life Coaching Program

Rapid Change Technologies (RCT) Coaching system integrates a number of disciplines into a coaching program with the purpose of aligning all your internal and external resources towards a particular goal or outcome, enabling you to tap into your full potential.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of the mind and the way human beings communicate to ourselves and others. By understanding how you communicate to yourself internally, we canteen start to rapidly change your behaviour to produce the best possible outcomes in your life, we use a number of techniques that are designed to help fast track you to your success.

Additionally, I also use a powerful caching system with educational components carefully selected to expand your mind and increase choice in the achievement of your goals.

Coaching is the process of assisting a person to make positive changes in a number of areas of life such as health, relationships, career, business, emotional and spirituality.

Life Coaching Assists in

• Gaining clarity on future goals
• Aligning your beliefs and values
• Creating strategies to achieve goals
• Empowering you to commit to goals
• Eliminating negative beliefs and patterns to assist you in achieving goals
• Realigning your energy to feel more motivated to achieve goals

What Is CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail™?

Imagine taking the best ingredients and just the right quantities, from each of the major food groups. You plate them together to create a recipe that changes the way you look and feel about everything you eat. Now imagine what could happen if you did this with different therapy treatments. How powerful would the sessions be? This is CTC.

Let Go Of The Past. Live For The Present

CTC takes the modalities of neurolinguistics programming, hypnosis, reiki, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and meditation and combines them in the right order and the right amounts to heal the body, mind, and spirit concurrently, during the one session.

The reason CTC is so powerful, is that it targets the root causes of the limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears and phobias, that are holding you back. Throughout your life, there have been events that have had a continued, negative effect on your mental health and well-being. In order to protect you from perceived danger, your brain has created patterns of behaviour that may no longer serve you. CTC allows you to find the source of those patterns, acknowledge them and set them free. In doing so, you feel lighter, empowered and motivated to continue your journey of healing and discovery.

Who Would Benefit From CTC?

CTC has been used to successfully treat:

• Fears and phobias including: public speaking, heights, confined areas, spiders, snakes and insects
• Insecurities and feelings of not being good enough
• Addictions: smoking, alcohol, gambling
• Weight related issues: emotional eating, sugar addiction
• Mental health issues: anxiety, depression, eating disorders
• Negative emotions: anger, resentment, frustration, lack of forgiveness
• Freedom of past issues and limiting beliefs

Intensive Breakthrough CTC Session

This consultation will last for 2.5 hours and sets the foundations for future therapy sessions.

Change The Way You Feel About Food

What happens when you’ve tried every diet, pre-packaged meal plan, detox juice and shake on the market, and nothing has lasted longer than three months, before old habits and extra kilos return? You begin to think that there is no hope. But what if you’ve been trying to treat the symptom, not the cause of your weight issues?

Retrain Your Brain To Think Differently About What You Eat

From a young age, we are conditioned to reward our wins and heal our hurts with food. Fall over in the backyard, have a biscuit to feel better. Win the grand final in a sports game, head to the nearest fast-food restaurant to celebrate. Little by little, layer by layer, this emotional reward system takes its toll on your body. Each time you try to break the cycle, the physical cravings and past failures come back to haunt you. And the vicious cycle continues.

To overcome your history of emotional eating, you need to go back in history to where it all began. You need your brain to ‘relearn’ it’s associations with food, so that food is no longer a reward system for managing emotions, but a fuel system for a fit and healthy body.

How Does The CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail™ For Weight Loss Work?

Integrating different treatment modalities including neurolinguistics programming, hypnosis, reiki, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and meditation, this intensive one-on-one treatment uses the power of mental transformation to deliver a physical one. The treatment rewires your brain into thinking that your stomach is much smaller than it really is – it’s a virtual gastric sleeve procedure. At the same time, you change your thought patterns associated with eating to create lasting change that manifests into a fitter, healthier you.

CTC For Weight Loss Package

6-week weight loss program

This program includes:

• 1 x CTC sessions, either face to face or online (Skype/Zoom)
• 6 x hypnosis sessions plus hypnosis tracks

What Is Reiki Healing?

Eastern healing philosophies base their practices on the belief that each person has a ‘life force energy’ or ‘chi’ flowing through them. When this energy is disturbed, through negative thoughts and feelings, we become unbalanced. Stress or sickness is a sign of low energy. When we are at our healthiest and happiest, our life force is strong. Reiki healing rebalances our energy and allows our body to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki Works In Conjunction With Other Treatments

Reiki is a non-invasive treatment designed to move healing energy around the body. As such, it is safe to use in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques. Often described as ‘laying on hands’, many people feel a warmth while receiving treatment and a deep sense of relaxation and peacefulness on completion.

What Is Reiki Used For?

As reiki treats the whole body, it can be used in a number of ways. These include:

• Reduce anxiety, depression and stress
• Support the immune system
• Improve sleep
• Accelerate healing
• Increase energy
• Clear the mind and improve focus
• Support spiritual growth

Tap Into Your Energy Source For A Sense Of Well-Being

Another treatment that has it’s beginnings in Chinese medicine, EFT works on the body’s energy (or meridian) channels. By stimulating certain points in your body, you are able to access the brain’s stress and fear response and lessen their effect on you.

How Does EFT Work?

EFT works by tapping on certain meridian points in the body while addressing an identified issue or problem. Using the power of positive statements and the rhythm of tapping specific energy points, the body’s energy balance is able to be restored and emotional healing to happen. Just as acupuncture uses needles to apply pressure and balance energy flow, EFT uses tapping with fingers to simulate acupressure.

Who Should Use EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique has been used to treat the following:

• Weight loss – eliminate food cravings
• Pain relief
• Episodes of trauma
• Stress, anxiety and depression
• Negative thoughts about body image, finances and success
• Relieves anger, guilt, resentment
• Obsessive/compulsive disorders including eating disorders

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