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Weight loss – What your mind can do about it.

Weight loss – What your mind can do about it.

Very often I see people for hypnosis or Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) for weight loss.  The most interesting thing about changing people’s weight isn’t their inevitable weight change.  It isn’t even the satisfaction I get from helping people become healthy and happy. The buzz comes from the ever more apparent way we all share similar patterns in behaviour and how some simple tweaks can cause life standing change.  I honestly am fascinated by how change can happen in an instant.

In behavioural work there is this idea that the problem isn’t the problem, it’s just the symptom of another deeper problem.  Whether it’s overeating, drinking, smoking, gambling, not exercising or any behaviour you don’t like, the best way to stop it is to get to the source.

At some level we may be dissatisfied with ourselves and not connected with our thoughts or feelings.  Some people believe they don’t love themselves, others don’t care enough.  Many people are split between parts of themselves. One part of them wants to do it and the other part of them doesn’t. Either way any behaviour that you do and you don’t want to do, or you don’t like to do, always stems from a disconnection with self.

I have never met anyone who truly loves themselves and continuously does something they wish they didn’t.  Have you?  I doubt it.  That’s because when we are respectful to ourselves we can do what we want, when we want.  We can eat a piece of cake, enjoy overeating at a function, drink a glass of wine or beer when we decide to.  Without conflict. Never when we don’t to.  That’s a huge distinction in behaviour.

So many people who struggle with weight loss tell me they eat and don’t know why.  Some tell me they hate that they do it, others love doing it but hate themselves. Some don’t know why they lack motivation. Whatever the story, the same things apply and a few key changes to the way you automatically think can make the world of difference.

The beauty of doing NLP with hypnosis is during the session you can make decisions at an unconscious level that you will be committed to.  During hypnosis if you decide something then you can be sure that it’s been permanently decided. The simple way to describe it is if I was to tell you that an orange is a pear you would not believe me.  Even if you tried so hard to convince yourself that an orange a pear it still wouldn’t be so. However, If whist under hypnosis you agreed that an orange is a pear then you would then see an orange as a pear.  In fact I could tell you that it’s not true and you would argue with me.  Insisting that the orange is a pear.

So when during hypnosis your unconscious mind decides to let go of any emotions or memories and finally decide to do what you need to do then you will.  When you decide to reconnect with yourself and take back your life, that change is permanent.  It really is simple.

To make change one thing has to happen first.  You must decide.  You might be reading this and have had enough.  As I tell many of my patients the pain associated with feeling your worst, your heaviest, your most neglected is usually the most motivating for change.  If you have had enough with being overweight, what would it mean to you to regain control?  Think of what it would be like to finally be able to make choices that serve you. Imagine what your ideal weight would look like. Imagine how you would feel.  What has to happen to make it happen?

Now is the time to move out from the past and towards a bright compelling future.

Or don’t and continue doing what you’ve been doing.  Over and over again.  How’s that going for you?





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Dr Themos Gourlas. B.App.Sc (Osteo) M.Ost, Cert M.NLP, Cert C.Hypnosis Osteopath, Master NLP practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Founder and developer of the PracTx exercise platform. Director of Bankstown Health and St George Health. I specialise in pain management and the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. I utilise my skills in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Clinical Hypnosis to help people quickly and effectively transform their behavioural choices and their lives.

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