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CTP – Motor Vehicle Accident

The following information is for people who wish to understand the process involved in a CTP claim.


Under the current Motor Vehicle Accidents Authority Act persons injured  in a motor vehicle accident in NSW  regardless of who was at fault may be able to access the benefits under the Accidents Notification Form (ANF).

The ANF provides for the early payment of reasonable and necessary medical expenses and/or lost earnings up to a maximum of $5,000.

An ANF must be submitted to the CTP insurer of the vehicle at fault within 28 days of the accident. It is important the injured person lodges the ANF as soon as possible after their accident. The ANF is available from medical practitioners, the MAA and insurers. A Medical Certificate signed by the GP must also be included.

If an ANF has been submitted, the insurer is only obliged to pay up to $5000 for reasonable and necessary treatment expenses and lost earnings. This includes all medical, x-ray, pharmaceutical and other treatment expenses – not only osteopathy treatment expenses. Claims for lost earnings are included in the $5000.

Following this the person can then complete a Personal Injury Claim Form.  This must be lodged with the at fault drivers CTP within 6 months.  The insurer may agree then to pay for reasonable and necessary treatment.

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Alternatively visit the MAA website.

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