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Naturopathy: The forgotten traditional medicine

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Naturopathy has developed over hundreds of years using the tools that nature has provided in the form of herbs, plants and good food to provide balance to our health.  Many cultures still use indigenous foods and herbs as their primary source of medicines for healing.  In the western culture that we live in, the scientific approach to health has prevailed, so the use of plant extracts and foods as medicine has fallen by the wayside.

We can be thankful for the progress of science and medical technology that has meant we are living longer and achieving a diagnosis of health issues much earlier.  However, to help prevent chronic disease and promote the best health we can achieve despite living in a world tainted with pollution and a multitude of chemicals, Naturopathy helps to bridge the gap between ‘soldiering on’ and lasting wellness.

To keep up with developments in evidence-based treatments, modern-day Naturopathic training is extensive.  Naturopaths undergo Degree qualifications, usually a minimum of four years training, encompassing medical sciences, such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, and biochemistry.  Included are extensive studies in nutrition and herbal medicine, our primary tools for treatment.

A Naturopathic consultation is about analysing your symptoms and your health history, the environment in which you live, work and study, the food you eat, your family history, your reaction to stress, your sleep patterns, and the medications you may use to help with your condition.  It is the responsibility of the Naturopath to ensure you are informed every step of the way about treatments and lifestyle changes that can help you, and work with you to develop the most manageable approach in improving your health.  If you have a General Practitioner, you may want to advise them of your decision in taking an integrative approach to your health.

You may have a short-term goal such as support through exams, or to get through the spring without hayfever, or winter without a cold.  Or you may have suffered for some time with poor digestion, long-term effects of stress, headaches, joints pains, skin problems to name a few.  You may be looking to the future in preparing for a family, losing weight, or prevention of diabetes.  Whatever your goal, Naturopathy can help you get there.

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