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Relax with a Pregnancy Massage

Relax with a Pregnancy Massage

Experienced, specialised care. You and your baby deserve it.

Massage can be very beneficial for expecting mothers. While a woman is pregnant she will undergo various physiological and emotional changes, both of which can cause a lot of distress, pain and discomfort. All of which can be helped through massage therapy.

TREATMENT ROOM BHPregnancy massage is a specialised treatment and differs from other massage in a number of ways.  It typically includes light to medium soft tissue work which aims at releasing tight muscles, promoting circulation, reducing excess swelling and decreasing the stress and anxiety which can occur through pregnancy. At Bankstown Health we are also equipped with a comfortable pregnancy massage pillow / table which allows the patient to lay face down throughout the treatment.  Of course it is optional, however most woman prefer it and it of course is perfectly safe for you and your baby.

Our practitioners are fully trained to identify and understand the anatomy of a pregnant woman and what is and is not safe for both herself and her baby. This includes positioning, areas to avoid and any other contraindications. We pride ourselves in our ability to create a safe and comfortable space for the expecting mother and approach their treatments with efficiency and a nurturing disposition.

Commonly we manage a variety of painful complaints throughout pregnancy which can include, hip and pelvic pain, foot and leg tiredness, headaches, low back and upper back pain.  Some patients prefer to come in and just relax and that works perfectly well too. Pregnancy massage is safe for most women throughout their pregnancy, however if you have been labeled a high risk pregnancy, it is always best to seek written approval from your doctor.

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Samantha Macgregor is a qualified remedial massage therapist, with over 8 years clinical experience. In that time she has worked in a primary health care setting managing clients with a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints. She is also qualified in dry needling and sports / deep tissue. pregnancy massage. She has extensive experience and expertise in specialised pregnancy massage.

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