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Our clinical psychologists can help a wide variety of problems and are skilled at dealing with all age groups. People typically feel that talking to a psychologist is beneficial in treating depression, anxiety, nervousness and stress. People suffering with chronic health complaints may also too feel the need to discuss their problems with a psychologist.  Personal grief, work-related stress and family breakdown are common issues dealt with by clinical psychologists.  The main goal of a clinical psychologist is to teach people how to cope, manage addictions, understand and avoid stressful situations and help you achieve your goals. Our psychologists are also capable of utilising test and functional assessments which can be used to identify a problem, establish the cause of a behaviour and utilise the best possible treatment. Test include intellectual, cognitive and vocational assessments.  They also evaluate personality characteristics and neurophysiological function.

How They Help

Our psychologist use a variety of treatments which are highly studied and proven to be effective.  Typically the use of communication in a variety of ways gets the best results.  Each persons needs are assessed the most appropriate method administered.

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