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BOXING is a fun new way to manage Parkinson’s Disease

BOXING is a fun new way to manage Parkinson’s Disease

How does Parkinson’s disease affect you?

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder which affects the dopamine pathway in the brain. Parkinson’s disease patients may experience symptoms such as impaired balance, an abnormal speed in limb movement, altered gait, limb tremor, fatigue and cognitive decline. Prescribed exercise can help manage Parkinson’s disease by improving mobility, balance and coordination.

How can boxing help?

Boxing incorporates a combination of movement for the lower limbs, trunk, and upper limbs. To perform various punching and footwork techniques, individuals require aerobic fitness, agility, trunk stability, power, speed, coordination and multidirectional movement. Focus pad training and boxing shield/punching bag training are two of many types of training methods used in boxing.

Focus pad training involves different punching techniques to strike a target held by a trainer at arm’s length. This is a great way to sharpen up technique and challenge reaction time.

The use of boxing shields and punching bags can help improve anaerobic and aerobic fitness. Boxing requires physiological demands challenging balance, core strength and reaction speed.

Boxing is a great and fun way for managing the symptoms of Parkinson disease as the level of intensity in each session can be adjusted to suit each patient and furthermore, improve their overall fitness. By combining training methods using both focus pads and shield, the aim is to improve balance, core strength, reaction speed, hand-eye coordination, strength and fitness. The evidence suggests that this type of training promotes neuroplasticity and neurogenesis in the pathways associated with movements.


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