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Frequently Asked Questions
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    Do all practitioners practice the same disciplines?

    At Bankstown health each therapist is qualified in different disciplines.  Therefore if you wish to have a particular technique or discipline please check with reception before making your reservation.  Alternatively you may check here to determine a individual practitioners skill set before making a booking.

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    How long do appointments take?

    Each modality has it own approximate treatment time. Massages are available different time blocks however both Osteopathy and Psychology is a fixed time. Please call us on 9708 4338 for more information.

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    How many Visits will I need?

    Managing a complaint doesn’t always have to take a long time.  Often, simple musculo-skeletal complaints are significantly better in just a few treatments.  However, sometimes things may be more difficult to manage, or require long term care.  Your therapist will take the time to discuss your problem and develop a suitable management plan.

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    Is it safe?

    All of our Therapists are qualified and registered within the guidelines and laws of NSW and Australia.  These guidelines ensure a level of competence and skill required to practice.  At Bankstown health we value your safety and trust.  Expect that each therapist will make informed and calculated discussions that ensure the speediest and safest way to recovery.

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    Do I need a GP's referral to come in?

    All of our therapists are primary health care practitioners.  That means that you may come in without a GP’s referral.  We will asses the situation and make any relevant recommendations regarding communication with a GP or other health care practitioner.

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    What do I need to wear / bring to my appointment?

    Genrally for body work, to best treat your body the practitioner may need to see the area being treated and request you to remove some clothing.  Of course we will respect your modesty and we will provide you with a gown.  You may prefer to stay clothed that is ok.  We also take the time to respect individual religious beliefs and work with you.  If you have loose fitting pants that always makes things easier. Please also remember to bring any relevant scans / images to your appointment.

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    I have had an accident at work. What is the process to commence management?

    We have workcover recognised practitioners.  To commence management under Workcover NSW, generally a referral from the GP enables us to liaise with the insurer to deliver the necessary management. A claim number is necessary to commence treatment under Work Cover. Pre-approval is sought to guarantee payment and can be obtained after the application of a claim number.Pre-approval is conditionally set based on the expected outcomes of management and the expectation that the patient will progress towards returning to work.  Call us on 9708 4338 to discus the process.

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    Can I use medicare to pay for treatment?

    Currently under the EPC scheme eligible patients may be covered under a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM).This enables patients with a Chronic disease to be subsidised for Osteopathic treatment under the supervision of the referring GP whilst being subsidised by Medicare.

    Eligible patients are given an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) form after the completion of the CDM. This allows the patient up to 5 visits per year partially paid for by medicare.The subsidised rate is approximately $52.85 per treatment for a maximum of 5 treatments.

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    Can I use my health fund to make a claim?

    Yes. At Bankstown Health we use HICAPS. This allows you to use your health fund to pay only the gap at the time of consultation.  Of course you must have extras health cover.

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    Do you offer Pension / Student discounts?

    Yes.  We believe that everyone should have access to quality health care.  Please feel free to call us to discuss our pricing discounts to eligible patients.

What Our Cliens Say

  • I am very grateful for the quality of care this centre provides me.  I am always telling people to give this place a go!

    Kat De Jonge
    Natural Mineral Lifestyle
  • Bankstown Natural Therapies Centre has been helping me and my family for over 15 years.  I am so lucky to have found this wonderful establishment with caring and attentive therapists.

    Sarah Mitchelle
    Complete Hair



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